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A term coined by Roy Keane, the Manchester United (football club) Captain at the time. It refers to the 'fans' that go to watch United play at Old Trafford but who actually know nothing about football or United and are only there because United are a very successful team and they want to jump on the social bandwagon of supporting Manchester United.
They will hardly cheer the team on, barely watch the game and be more interested in eating the prawn sandwiches at half-time in the posh player's lounge or wherever (hence the name). They are a minority of United fans, it has to be added, but there are still quite a lot of them.
They will also usually be middle-class and social-climbers, and they are sometimes referred to as the P.S.B
Q. What do you call the glory-supporting, bandwagon-jumping-on socialites that know nothing about football and Manchester United but still go to the games?

A. The Prawn Sandwich Brigade.
by Alice Maria December 17, 2007
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The Manchester United youth team of 1992, in which the young footballers Gary Neville (and later his brother Phil), Paul Scholes, David Beckham and Nicky Butt (all aged 16/17) plus Ryan Giggs (aged 18), won virtually everything there is to win at youth level because they were just such a fantastic team.
What makes this youth team so remarkable is that, not only were they all English (except left - wales - when - i - was - 7 - Giggs), they were all also from Manchester (except Beckham) and later all went on to become regular and vitally important members of the Manchester United first-team for many years, as well as all gaining lots of caps for the England side (again, except for lived - in - manchester - since - i - was - 7 - Giggs).
It is highly unusual for so many brilliant English players, let alone from the actual city they play for, to graduate through the youth ranks of a football club all at one time and become such rated and famous footballers.
Many people put the success of these youngsters down to their legendary manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. Indeed, sometimes the Class of 1992 are referred to as 'Fergie's Fledglings' (a modern take on the famous 'Busby Babes'). They are also the team that proved Alan Hansen wrong when he famously remarked on Match of the Day in 1995 that 'you don't win anything with kids'. United, including many of these players from the Class of 1992, went on to win the Double months after Hansen's statement.
This excellent youth club is part of the reason Manchester United dominated the Premier League for so many years, and the remainders of this team are still excellent players now in their early to mid 30s.
Often shortened to merely Class of '92
Q. Who, exactly, was in the Class of 1992?

A. Gary (and later Phil) Neville, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt, David Beckham and Ryan Giggs.

Q. How many of them were English?

A. All of them except Giggsy (who has lived in England since age 7)

Q. How many of them were Mancunians?

A. All of them except Beckham.
by Alice Maria January 17, 2008
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An unbelievably successful and truly fantastic footballer who plays for Manchester United. He's an attacking left-footed left winger with great ability in terms of speed, dribbling the ball and leaving even the very best defenders with 'twisted blood'.
He has played for United since he joined the youth teams in 1988, aged 14, and is still playing for United in 2008, aged 34, TWENTY YEARS LATER - which shows his amazing, completely unmatched loyalty to the club.
He has played 700+ games for United, and is currently second in the all time appearances record behind Bobby Charlton (although by the time you're reading this, he may well have overtaked Charlton's record)
He has won the league NINE TIMES as of the end of the 2006/07 season - this is a record in English football history (no one has ever won as many).
As well as winning 9 Premier Leagues, he has also won 4 FA Cups, 2 League Cups and 1 Champions League - making him THE most decorated player in the premiership (and, like, joint most decorated player EVER).
A truly legendary player, he scored THAT goal against Arsenal in the FA Cup semi-final replay at Villa Park in 1999 - which was later voted: 1. Goal of the century, 2. Best goal in the FA Cup competition, 3. Best moment in the FA Cup competition (which has been going on for over 100 years) and 4. Best Manchester United goal. He picked up the ball YARDS behind the half-way line and then dribbled way over half the entire length of the pitch and through the ENTIRE Arsenal defence (which was world-class at the time), going past some players twice, to score the magnificent goal.
He was born in Wales but moved to Manchester aged 7, and so, unfortunately for us English, wasn't applicable to play for the English side. If he'd been English he would have WITHOUT A DOUBT earned over 100 caps by now, and who knows, probably helpled England progress a bit further in the competitions.
The World Cup is the only trophy he hasn't won. He was won everything else, usually more that once.
Legend. Pure LEGEND.
Q. Who's the most successful footballer of all time?

A. Ryan Giggs.

Q. Who's the best left winger of all time?

A. Ryan Giggs.

Q. Who's the greatest player that ever played for Manchester United?

by Alice Maria January 17, 2008
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