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Somebody who can be a really nice person, but can also physically and verbally abuse you sometimes. Perhaps she does it out of anger, or hate, or whatever the reason. This is an actual conversation I had with my mother:
Her: Did you do something stupid?
Me: What? No! Why did you thnk that.
Her: Because ou're you, and you do stupid things (Ouch!)
Me: Hey...shut up!
Her: What did you say?
Me: Just stop! I don't need to listen to this!
Her: (smacks me across head) You don't tell me to shut up. I tell you to shut up. You can go to your room after dinner.

Me: (sigh) I wish my mother could just be grateful I exist...
by Alex4315 February 16, 2013

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A cartoon that used to be what people DID and actually LOOKED FORWARD TO. It used to be funny, smart, creative, original, and actually just GOOD in it's own special day. Then they decided to make a movie. A movie which was FUCKING BOSS. Then I guess after that, the old director and creator quit, plus a bunch of old people and replaced them with new people who FUCKED IT UP. They have now basically turned it into an educational program, despite the fact that they took simple ideas (like a box for imagination) and rebooted it into stuff like Sandy needs to come up with a new idea for an invention or she'll get sent back to Texas.
Season 1: And now, the creator of Rocko's Modern Life...presents...SpongeBob Squarepants! "Spongebob is this cool new cartoon that I bet could get off the ground pretty soon." Season 2: Thanks to seeing a girl with a SpongeBob back-pack, show director Stephen Hillenburg presents an all new, Season 2!"If season 2 was not as good as the original Spongebob season, it was definitely better. Season 3: With the help of back-pack girl and Season 2, spongebob has now gotten off the ground and has pretty much immediately become one of the world's MOST POPULAR shows. It was not hard to produce and create the third season. "At first glance, may seem like it lost a bit of its luster, but watch it and you'll see that it contains just enough gold that made the first two.
Movie: Three season's have gone by of one of the most famous and popular shows. Our first movie is now open! "Lost quite a bit of viewers, but not me. It was a big leap for the show, after all. Apparently, Genius Stephen Hillenburg leaves the scene, and passes the job on to his cronies. Season 4: With Hillenburg out of the way, let's disgrace his name! "Strange. Beginning to take a turn for the dark." Seasons 5-6 "Now what's going on? You're losing your bluish glow." Seasons 7-Whatever the hell these people are mooping around with, I quit watching WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!?!?!?!? It's wrong! It's wrong! It's all so WRONG!
by Alex4315 August 09, 2012

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Somethingnthat if you look p on Urban Dictionary, about half the examples will have long stories about sex. This is how I made my porn collection.
Me: *shows friend porn collection*
Friend: Wow this is epic]! Where'd you get it?
Me: Just go on the Urban Dictionary and look up "sex."
by Alex4315 August 10, 2012

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Pretty much the worst show on TV. A gay program about 8 people who are taken to New Jersey in a house that doesn't have any electricity, and full of cameras to stalk them while they live life. Apparently they're so bored they decide to get hammered, and shortly after nailed!

Either that, or it's fake shit! Think about it. It's not reality, or at least it's not anything like the reality from where I hail from. Then again, these poor kids might just be driven so crazy that this is their life, LOL.
This is an unexaggerated scene of Jersey Shore, seriously.

Jwoww: I'm bored.
Snooki: Hey, let's f**k people.
Jwoww: Okay, but first let's get out some drinks.
Snooki: Hey, how about we call the guys down and have a party!
Jwoww: That's good, let's hook up.

5 minutes later...

*Snooki is in bed with 2 guys.*

And next morning...

*Snooki is on the phone with her boyf.

Boyf: You cheated on me, how could you do that?
Snooki: (pregnant, surrounded by plastic cups, white stains all over bed) What are you talking about: I don't remember anything?
by Alex4315 August 28, 2012

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A song by South Korean rapper Park Jae-Sang, known by his stage name PSY. It came out in Korea about three weeks ago, and in the rest of the world the day after. Was performed on April 13th at his "Happening" concert, named after the song he unveiled. On that day, the music video was released to YouTube, using the accompanied dance revealed at the concert. The dance is from the song "Abracadabra," made by a group called "Brown Eyed Girls." One of the members was featured in the music video. The song is a satire of people who say they treat their girlfriends so well, when they are in fact douchebags. He pulls pranks on multiple girlfriends, including pulling her chair back way too far, resulting in her falling on the floor, when one girlfriend does that to him. They start eating, and as the music builds up, they stare at each other as they eat messily. Then, they both happily walk out of the tent in which they were, he says it, and the music begins to drop.
"🎃I'm a mother-father gentleman." - PSY
by Alex4315 April 30, 2013

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