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Could be used as a compliment or an insult. The definition is a mix between "ornament" and "whore". They are mostly looks, and like to get sticks (like branches from a Christmas tree) stuck through them. They also come in various colours.
omfg!!! Sarah is such a hornament!
by Aldoria November 20, 2006
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Not, girly, but not tomboy. Just the average girl.
That there dumb blonde is girly! That there ugly beast is a tomboy! Omg, now look at that beauty: she's female-like! <3 :)
by Aldoria October 25, 2007
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1)A fucker.
2)Someone who pisses you off.
3) A jerk.
4) A double poster on forums
1) Let's go kill that fucking noob!!!!!111
2) Holy shit that noob pisses me off.. let's go kill him!
3) I hate noobs.
4) Het look! That noob is double posting! Double posters deserve to die! ~Virtually kicks noob~
by Aldoria October 09, 2006
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