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one who has absolutely no confidence or self esteem. someone who needs to do some inner-thinking in order to find the person they're looking for, be happy, know where to go in life, and accept the person they are.
woah, what an emo disaster, he allowed his ex girlfriend's opinions control him.
by Alana and Doni January 29, 2008
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"ooo-pha" - the sound one makes when falling or tripping over something.
OOFA, i just fell in the bathroom getting off of the toilet on my way to the sink.
by Alana and Doni January 11, 2008
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smoke a bowl/blunt/L

some sort of marijuana
Hi I love you, ironing board bp tables, and sketchy foie sessions behind your car.
by Alana and Doni January 10, 2008
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a boy who decides to act like an asshole by doing something that was stupid and uncalled for. one who tells you he'll come over and then doesnt, one who doesn't get the hint that you're interested, one who says youre good friends and you'll tell each other everything but then lies, one who doesnt return text messages, facebook messages and/or phone calls, one who dropped the 'i love you' bomb when it really wasn't called for.. but even after this you still talk to them.
What a fag bag, he didn't tell me had a girlfriend
by Alana and Doni January 22, 2008
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Best Friend Forever For Life.
make sure there are four F's.
One who you begin a relationship with on a very drunk night by calling him/her your "bff for life." The rest is history.
(with the opposite sex)
well, all better now. thanks to my bffffl.
by Alana and Doni January 29, 2008
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