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1. When someone is doing something which you think is embarrassing or in a funny but not cool way. This is way urban, this will be for a later time but when that happens, you look at the guy, pause for a little bit and then say "ohdodo..." like he's an idiot, like saying "oh my god.... what an idiot, cant believe im seeing this stupid crap".
*the guy acts out like a friend of his or says something stupid or embarrassing and he's serious about it* "... ohdodo, what the hell is that haha, idiot. im sorry, i have to go, this is too much for me."
by Alan Pugach Barker December 06, 2006

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It’s beyond the word “asshole”. For the asshole who’s a bigger asshole than any assholes you have met, where the hole in the word asshole becomes bigger, deeper, darker. Shit gets deep.
“You abysshole.”
by Alan Pugach Barker April 25, 2019

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When a hot girl goes by or a hot car, something sexy or beautiful, you holler "oh baby"
"Look at that hot girl man, shes walking by right now, oh baby!!!"
by Alan Pugach Barker December 06, 2006

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