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a scrap, fight, or other sort of physical tussle between people.
Both hockey teams cleared the benches and threw down!! It was a huge tilly!!!

Those cops sure kicked the crap out of those poor drunks who tillied outside the bar last night.
by Al-Star January 05, 2006
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someone who is so stupid that even after her boyfriend beats the shit out of her, she takes him back
Rihanna is rihanna-stupid.
by Al-star March 09, 2009
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An explosive load of semen excreted from a man's penis after a lack of sexual interaction.
1) Sean hadn't had sex or beat off in weeks so when that chick went down on him last night he nearly knocked her head clear off with WHITE THUNDER!!!

2) I blew a huge load and screamed "WHITE THUNDER BITCH!!!!!!!!!"
by Al-Star October 26, 2005
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a humourous derrogitory term used for illeagal Canadian immigrants in the United States. Based on the term wet back used for Mexicans. Coined on the Daily Show.
The Minute Men patrol the border along the 49th parrallel to ensure no ice backs sneak across.
by Al-star May 25, 2006
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A box where one keeps all their freaky sex toys, and accesories (such as S&M or bondage gear). Usually hid in a dark closet, attic or under one's bed.
I found Steve's treasure chest. It was full of anal beads, ribbed double sided dildos, handcuffs, 3 different whipes, ass-less chaps, a leash, and a gagball. Steve is one sick fuck.
by Al-Star October 26, 2005
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