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4 definitions by Aküma

from the videogame 'Smash Bros' used for the colloquial meaning of the verb 'to smash' referring to sex

1) used as a fixed expression in 'to play Smash Bros'

sex, sexual encounter, hooking

2) used as a noun in the plural form

male friends+ who have sex with each other
1) "I want to play Smash Bros with (PERSON)! (PERSPN) is such a hottie."

2) "(MAN) and (MAN) are Smash Bros, and they don't even know the game."
"Oh yeah, Jimmy is my Smash Bro. He comes this Saturday for a playing session."
by Aküma March 26, 2020
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'rigged' as a full-sentence expression

invented by Alyssa Edwards on the show RuPaul's Drag Race AllStars 2 Episode 4 as it sounds similar to 'rigged'

misspelling from Latin 'rigor mortis' (= 'stiffness of death', 'postmortem rigidity') which refers to the limbs stiffening after a few hours of a body which passed away
"If y'all send me home: 'It was rigged!' Rigga morris, gurl, rigga morris gurl!"

A: "What do you think about (PERSON)'s elimination from the competition?"
B: "Rigga morris, (PERSON) was robbed!"
by Aküma March 26, 2020
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pronoun: third person singular / name

1) used to refer to inanimate objects, materials, vira, phaenomena and actions

2) used as a gender-neutral pronoun; generally employed by non-binary people such as intersex and agender people

3) alternative name for Pennywise from the American film 'IT'

4) name for something unknown which potentially holds a threat
1) This is a stone and it weighs enough to be usuable for a home workout during COVID-19 times.

2) Good evening, my name is Jeffree and I am using the 'it/its' pronouns.

3) It came after you in the shadows?

4) There is something or someone in the forest... it seems to be making noises at midnight.
by Aküma April 4, 2020
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gender-inclusive greeting expression

replacement of the exclusive expression "Ladies and Gentlemen" with a rhyme structure

invented by the YouTuber One Topic At A Time as an appropriate greeting towards his queer audience
"Ladies and Gents and non-binary friends, welcome to today's episode of r/sapphoandherfriend."
"Let's dive into this subreddit, ladies and gents and non-binary friends!"
by Aküma March 26, 2020
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