'rigged' as a full-sentence expression

invented by Alyssa Edwards on the show RuPaul's Drag Race AllStars 2 Episode 4 as it sounds similar to 'rigged'

misspelling from Latin 'rigor mortis' (= 'stiffness of death', 'postmortem rigidity') which refers to the limbs stiffening after a few hours of a body which passed away
"If y'all send me home: 'It was rigged!' Rigga morris, gurl, rigga morris gurl!"

A: "What do you think about (PERSON)'s elimination from the competition?"
B: "Rigga morris, (PERSON) was robbed!"
by Aküma March 26, 2020
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A term that is a synonym for the word "Rigged" coined by Alyssa Edwards during RPDR AS2.
"If I don't win the pageant after doing better then everyone else, this is rigga morris"
by cece & piper February 23, 2017
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When a fat jewish man, and is quote "choke dat hoe and put ma 2 inch hooked sheckle dick in dat hoes phat ass pussy then the go stiff" end quote
Ey bitch ima give you that rigga morris tonight
by Neil goldstien March 18, 2018
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