3 definitions by AhmadG

A person orginiated or from the country, Jordan. Jordan is located in the Levant, Middle East.
Person A: Did you know that Ahmed from our class is a Jordanian?
Person B: No, it's interesting..
by AhmadG December 04, 2016
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A loser is often described as "loner" or "no-life"
Because if they call you a loser they mean that you lose in everything you dreamed on.
Person A: Hey, loser!
Person B: Not, this guy again. He loves to call me a loser even though i scored a B+ on my Physics test. He is a loser himself.
by AhmadG December 04, 2016
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Sharmoota means amazing and magnificent and so good
"Wow, did you look at stacey? she is a sharmoota!"
by AhmadG July 29, 2017
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