3 definitions by Aham

A group of girls, of any race, who liek toe become involved with other girls buisness, usually pertainging to Men or Boyfriends. They are part of a Narco-Semmisitc Commune that is in hiding since the revolutionary war. They use pet names for one another, and have great intentions of fucking you over in every which way possible.
Oh shit, here comes the "Hoe Patroe", hide your money and friends.
by Aham March 27, 2007
Bigger than Jesse McCartneys Penis.
My homework grade was Average Size.
by Aham March 27, 2007
Boyfriend stealer jerk and friend stealer and ugly ass bitch with a long nose
Karmyn Ugly long nosed boyfriend and friend stealer
by Aham September 26, 2015