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What to say when the giant, rhinoceros-like alien comes to eat you in your poorly-constructed marine base.
"OH NOES!!!11" exclaimed teh Cyphage, mere seconds before the enzymes met his skin.
by Aeaea February 23, 2004

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The queen of Lancre, wife to King Verence, and mother to Esmerelda Margaret Note Spelling. Former third witch (the virgin) of the Lancre coven, gave that up when she got married and was replaced by Agnes Nitt. Kicker of elven ass when inspired by fictional warrior queens. Magrat was trained by Goodie Whemper. She wears a green dress, has tangled blonde hair, squinty eyes, and a red nose.
Magrat: Go ahead, bake my quiche.
by Aeaea September 29, 2003

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Also known as the "talking police car", Azkars can be found in the wild around Pittsburgh and are rarely used as pets. Known mainly for their love of poker, bowling, juggling, and Flogging Molly, their long treks to nearby stores for 2-liter Mountain Dew bottles, and formerly for their commanding skill, their distinguishing features include freckles, red hair, and pale skin. Should you encounter one, it is best to bribe it or trick it into licking its elbow, which will distract it long enough for you to beat a speedy retreat.
The Facies brothers were well-known for their massive herds of Azkars, used for taking over small convenience stores in one fell swoop.
by Aeaea October 02, 2004

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