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Newest form a Ro Sham Bo. This form uses a third person to play "kicker". The kicker is used to equalize kicks enabling a sense of fairness to degrees of pain endured.
The Kickers kick are equal in caliber of force as opposed to standard RSB which puts the man with stronger legs in favor, as well as leaves kicking force unregulated.
The third party kicker must be unbiased towards the two opponents or hate them both equally.
Saturday night was insane! We all got drunk and later on Tim and Pete had some kind of dispute.The crowd then called out for RO SHAM BO! The two opponents agreed, but only if it was "Third Party Ro Sham Bo", and everyone threw down $5 to watch.
John, acting as Ref, nominated Christina to be Kicker. Christina kicked both opponents with equal strength repeatedly for what seemed like forever...Eventually Tim whimpered in defeat, and Pete received the winnings. The winnings was a hand job from Christina, who then got all the spectator $$$
by Adust October 16, 2007
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To thrust the leg outward with superb force while using the foot as a deadly weapon and means of impact.
Christina kicked Tim in his nuts so hard, his grandkids will come out cross eyed.
by Adust October 16, 2007
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