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The ejection of saliva directly out of ones salvatory glands and out of his/her mouth. The technique is hard to master. You must quickly press the tip of your tounge against the back of your front teeth, while doing so you must "push down" on the lower part of your toung where the elastic-like tendon that connects the tounge to the bottom of the mouth joins the tounge. It is hard to do, but once done, it it's even harder to master.
Gleeting is fun to do but is fuckin' annoying to have done ot yourself.
by Adam "Tr0n" March 17, 2005
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1. The name given to the soldiers that faught under the Nazi flag for Adolf Hitler during World War II.

2. The basic ground infantry of the Galactic Empire in the movie series Star Wars
1. Those damn storm troopers destroyed my country!

2. Those damn storm troopers destroyed my planet!
by Adam "tr0n" March 23, 2005
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A word derived from French that is used most-commonly when someone makes a particularly good point in an arguement and leaves the opponent (the touché sayer) speechless or at a loss for words.
-If incest is a sin then what the fuck does that make Adam and Eve?

by Adam "Tr0n" March 08, 2005
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Someone who has devoted themselves to Star Wars so much as they go to the midnight showings of the new movies. Someone who has completely dedicated their lives to Star Wars. I, myself, am one. The Star Wars equivalent to Star Trek's Trekkie.
Star Trek sucks. Trekkies are gay.
by Adam "tr0n" March 12, 2005
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1. A barnyard animal also called a swine. These creatures are usually found in pink, or spotted brown and white. They tend to eat excessively and are very lazy. However, recent studies show that they are among the most intelligent creatures on the earth.

2. A dirogetory term used for an officer of the law.

3. A person who eats too much or is obese.

4. A man who is insensitive to the opposite sex/is chauvenist.

5. A capitalist.
1. Pigs can kick my ass at chess and they can eat twice as much.


3. Look at that fat pig!! HAHA! PORKER! I'M INSECURE! YOU HEAR ME?! INSECURE!!!!

4. -Hey baby, wanna come back to my place for a little *makes vaginal oral sex gesture*
-Gah! What a pig!

5. The pigs are the reason the world sucks.
by Adam "tr0n" February 05, 2005
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A white person who pretends to be black. These are not the genuine kind. Genuine white people are actually interested in the Black urban culture. Whiggers are just posers who are acting Black because it's the cool thing to do.
-Wassap my homie?! We gonna be scammin' dem biatches tonight! Word up!

-Shup up Lance, you whigger-douche!
by Adam "Tr0n" March 08, 2005
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Quite possibly, one of the most idiot and downright gay bands ever created. They're image is gay, all zombie-gothic. They're music is the lamest shit I've ever had the disgrace of having touched the sensory organs in my ears; all it ever consists of is screaming and death. They're almost as gay as ICP.
-Dude, Slip Knot is the shit!!

-Fuck you, flaming fag.
by Adam "tr0n" February 05, 2005
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