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A person who blocks the pavement (or sidewalk) either by being incredibly fat, carrying bags or wearing an insanely massive coat while walking slowly and being totally oblivious to people behind them trying to get passed.
person at home: Dude where were you all this time? you said you'd be here an hour ago.

Person at the door: Don't even get me started! I was all on time until I got blocked by this pavement blob in front of me who had her headphones on and it sure wasn't an exercise tape she was listening to!!!

person at home: Yeah I totally hate pavement blobs

Person at the door: Me too, so quit being a door blob and let me in!!
by Ad.Co January 26, 2010
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A sneeze while having Swine Flu OR a Swine Flu Sneeze. Can also be used as a question or suggesting someone may have Swine Flu.
"Was that a sneeze or a sweeze?"
"Don't sweeze on me"
"I think I just sweezed!"
by Ad.Co August 06, 2009
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The motion some women and mostly soul divas make with their necks when giving their men attitude. Not an easily accomplished motion involving moving the head and neck in opposite directions.
dude 1: Hey dude, why you so down?
dude 2: dude, ma girl dumped me last night, she was all up in my face saying "you don't own me" and giving me hella Neckttitude.
dude 1: sounds rough dude, I hate that. Tried giving it back once and ended up in hospital.
dude 1: dude....
by Ad.Co May 29, 2010
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To delay relieving the need for taking a dump
Dude! why was your face so red during the meeting earlier?

I had a serious need to drop a huge dooky but was forced to Poostpone until the meeting was over. Feeling much better now.
by Ad.Co November 10, 2010
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Average Time of Arrival.
When you're late regularly to work, school etc. but more or less arrive at the same time every day.
Boss: Hey it's 9.45, you're 45 minutes late! You've been late every single day since you started here, what's your excuse??

Employee: I'm not late. I show up every day between 9.30 and 10 so I'm right on the nose of my A.T.A :)

Boss: Dude...
by Ad.Co October 13, 2010
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A person who avoids face to face meetings or confrontations
Damn I just can't get hold of my boss to talk about that raise. The woman's Efacive.
by Ad.Co August 23, 2010
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A person or an object that gets in your face or invades your personal space.
Dude, don't stand so close to me, you're so infacive!
by Ad.Co August 23, 2010
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