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An intentionally vague Facebook reply to a Vaguebooked status update, that forces the Vaguebooker to volunteer information on their own if they want more attention to their problem.
Aaron: I wonder why things don't work out the way I want them to?

Isaac: Why are you such an emo pussy!
by Ace1339 March 01, 2010

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Making up jibberish words to describe technical parts or tools in the midst of performing some kind of setup, maintenance, or construction. Can be used in various fields of profession, from automotive repair to sound engineering; from carpentry to cable installation.
"Hand me that dooddlebobby* over there."


"No. That's the flabberjobber*. I need the dooddlebobby*."

by Ace1339 March 03, 2010

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Making an odd sound or noise with ones mouth while telling a story. Purpose is the addition of a sound effect to enhance a point of movement, impact, or context.
"How did you get that knot on your head?"

"A damn squirrel in the tree grabbed a pine cone and *fwooped* it at me. It *fonked* me on the head."

by Ace1339 March 04, 2010

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