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Refers to black people back in the slavery days as tools for the white man.
When I was with Patrick and Amber at the county fair, we saw a ton of farm equipment walking around.

by Aaron Sager July 26, 2008

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Another word to refer to black people. More appropriate than the "N" word though.
After all the welfare checks came in, Connor, Drew, and I saw a lot of blacksman at BW3's.
by Aaron Sager July 02, 2008

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The people who have nothing better to do than to sit on their porch and watch the cars drive by. Their always poor as shit and usually black.
When Pat, Amber, Jared and I drove down Pleseant Street, we saw a shit load of porchmen, and most of them were blacksmen.
by Aaron Sager July 28, 2008

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