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What you say when you want a girl to give you head.

Also it can be a dis to somebody
"you know what time it is........... Dome Time!!"

"Dome Time fag"
by ARGS January 28, 2006
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the perfect combination of fun, hysterical, sound-effect making, easy-going, handsome Brandon combined with happy, ever-loving, ear-playing, barnacling, active Kelly. The bestest couple.
Person #1 - "Whose coming tonight?"
Person #2 - "Well, there's Brandon and Kelly."
Person #1 - "Oh you mean, Krandon?"
by Args August 06, 2012
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the person in which you are speaking to( friend, jam, dawg, homie)
Hey Boo!
You my boo!
Did you accomplish the shady buisness boo?
by ARGS November 19, 2003
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