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A verb that is a less serious version of 'fooling around'/to fool around as implied by the z.

It can be used as a question or a statment. In the statement case, it can be a proclamation on a event or a grouping of people that have/are likely to engage in foolz. In the question sense, it can be a request to fool around or a query as to whether or not a grouping of people have foolzed.

It can also be modified to use in either the past by adding ed and keeping the z (foolzed) or the present tense by adding ing and keeping the z.

Lastly, it can be used to classify a group of people that an individual has foolzed around with.
Staff Member 1:

"Did you see Miller and Jamie come up from the swim beach together?"
Staff Member 2: "Foolz!"

Partygoer 1: "I really like your hair, is that your natural colour?"
Partygoer 2: "Foolz?"
Partygoer 1: "Sweet, let's go upstairs"

Staff Member 1: "I can't believe Bailey got such a good evaluation from Lorry"
Staff Member 2: "Foolz?"

CIT 1: "Did you hear that Lauren and Zach foolzed at the rifle range?"
CIT 2: "I even know they were still foolzing!"

Camper 1: "Can you believe all the guys Gillian has hooked up with?"
Camper 2: "The funny thing is that all her foolz are Trainees or older"
by AEPI Jedi April 29, 2010

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Used to end a conversation by implying that you will continue the conversation later, likely via Black Berry Pin Messaging (BBM).

Can be used either dismissively, instead of "“I Know, I know”, or as a farewell, as in talk to you later.
Girl: "Crap, I'm late for my woman's studies course"
Boy: "Alright, pin yas"

Fraternity Master: “Are the pledges going to be ready for their exam?”
Pledge Master: “Yeah. Don’t worry about it. Pin yas pin yas.”
by AEPI Jedi April 29, 2010

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Used when viewing a group of one or more attractive bitties implying that you have entered a city/haven of bitties.

Typically it is yelled or screamed at the bitties in a high pitched voice emphazising biTTY ciTY
Upon entering an AEPI party yell, “Bitty city!”

Walking down the street and two hot girls walk by, "Bitty City"

et cetera.
by AEPI Jedi October 28, 2009

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A term used to represent the speed and efficiency at which gossip travels. It draws to mind a train carrying rumours on it and depositing these rumours to everyone it passes.

If you find yourself in a situation where gossip is traveling fast, for example, a camp or a small high school, or you find out a news/gossip item that is fairly recent, you then say "Rumour Train!" noting that the piece of gossip is traveling at the speed of a train.

You may optionally say "Rumour Train, WOO WOO" afterwards to emulate the sound a train containing rumours would sound like.
Senior Camper 1: Did you hear Noah and Rachel are foolzing again?

Senior Camper 2: When did it happen?
Senior Camper 1: Last night!
Senior Camper 2: Rumour TRAIN! WOO WOO!

Staff member: I heard you and Miranda were making out at Chapel point after evening program.

Staff member: Rumour Train!
by AEPI Jedi May 25, 2010

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Means that something is very legitimate such that it would meet the high standards of a very religious Jewish person (Zimmerman, being a common Jewish name).

Synonym for legit. Can be used as a question as to somethings legitimacy. Kosher is used not necessarily in religious sense.

Shorthand is "K4Z"
“Foolz on shabbat…Kosher for Zimmermans?”

Male University Student 1: “Should I foolz with my 2nd cousin?”
Male University Student 2:”Dude…so no K4Z”

Fraternity Student 1: “What do you think of that bitty?”
Fraternity Student 2: “Very Kosher for Zimmermans”
by AEPI Jedi April 29, 2010

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