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Speaking from experience, the sensation a male gets after urinating. A combination of goosebumps and slight jitters/shivers/shakes.

Can also occur when something creepy happens.

Also known as the PW's for short.
Adam: Broseph, I got the piss willies this morning.
Leary: I did too. I'm sick.

Adam: Yo, did you see that pic of ____ on facebook?
Chin: Yeah... gave me the PW's.
by A-Rice January 30, 2009
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something that is insignificant in comparison
He pulled up next to me in this pisswilly car of his.
by seaumus February 16, 2005
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Used to refer to stuck up or utterly ridiculous people or things. The Piss Willy is a proper or well refined worm with a British accent who wears a top hat, bow tie, suit, and has a cane.
Prep: Ew. Youre gonna eat that? That is so unhealthy.

You: Well yea. I mean thats why I got it.

Prep: Ugh. Whatever, you're gonna get fat.-walks away-
You: That just makes me huggable ya feckin Piss Willy!
by Ashton_Ecstasy August 03, 2014
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A Piss-Willy is a type of insect, bigger than a nat. That is normally in the bathroom. They are called this because they hang around piss. You mostly see them in public bathroom's.
Ex. 1- Eww! Do NOT go in that bathroom. They have Piss-Willies.

Ex. 2- I have Piss-Willies in my house. What should I do?
by kahler December 28, 2011
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