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Someone with Remote ADD doesn't have an attention span that exceeds a commercial break. When watching the desired show and a commercial comes on, someone with Remote ADD will change the channel until he finds one without a commercial, later returning to the original channel.

Severe cases of Remote ADD will result in the inflicted person staying on the new channel until a commercial break, forgetting the original show.
Bob and Jim were watching Goldfinger and every commercial that came on, Bob would switch to ESPN hoping to catch SportsCenter. Unfortunately, there were usually commercials, so Bob went back to Goldfinger.

The continual Remote ADD without anything being on infuriated Jim.
by A Rab $$ January 02, 2011

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opulence for the sake of opulence
Those nickel plated gold bars are just arab money.
by A Rab $$ March 19, 2010

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Under Desk Person; Person whose job is to perform oral sex on another employee
Jack: Hey Bob, my wife has been in one of those moods lately.
Bob: Are you putting in a request for another UDP?
Jack: I believe so.
by A Rab $$ October 05, 2010

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