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An American country/rock band that became popular during the Vietnam War. Produced classic hits such as "Proud Mary", "Green River", "Suzie Q" and "Fortunate Son".

Could also be known as CCR, or Creedence Clearwater.

Unfortunately they split circa 1971/2, but still sometimes perform together.
CCR's "Proud Mary" has 100+ cover versions to date.
by A Ginger Ned February 27, 2005

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Better known as "Shitrix", this thin client system lags like you wouldn't believe, and loses your data and locks your session if your program crashes. Which it does. Frequently. Can't even run the same program twice.

You often have to wait up to 10 seconds for keypresses to register when connected to the servers.
"I've got a crashed session on Citrix. Need admin to close it for me."

"'Shitrix' is lame, I want a proper system."
by A Ginger Ned February 26, 2005

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A new form of programming, often consisting of code that won't compile even when the programmer is adamant that it is correct.
Upon discovering his code wouldn't compile, he exclaimed ' ... it's standard code! ... '
by A Ginger Ned February 24, 2005

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