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Someone who smokes a lot of weed. You can't really classify a stoner by how much weed they smoke, but rather their mindset about smoking. A stoner would much rather spend a Friday night getting high rather than goin out. They also smoke weed every availible opportunity.
I am a stoner.
by 9 May 19, 2004

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1)Mobile Army Surgical Hospital.
2)One of the best shows to ever grace the television screen.
He joined a MASH unit to be like the people in MASH.
by 9 March 10, 2004

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1) H20. More commonly known as water.
2) The compound which one Southern California town beileved was an extrememly harmful chemical after receiving a fraudulent warning letter. They pondered banning styrofoam cups after discovering 'dangerous' dihydrogen oxide is used in producing them.
John was thristy so he drank some dihydrogen oxide.
by 9 March 18, 2004

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A derogatory term that is used to discribe a Mexican person.
Hey that manuel labor just crossed the Rio Grande!
by 9 March 10, 2004

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