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That era of the late twentieth century that lasted from about 1986 to about 1997. The childhood of Generation Y and the young adult/teen hood of Generation X.

Named of course, after the Nintendo character Mario, who, with his love of pizza, and goofiness, in my opinion really defined that era from the late 1980s to the mid 1990s.

Good times. Just prior to the Mario Days was the Atari Age (1977-1985) and just after was the cultural Dotcom era (1997-2005). Today, and since about 2006, we are living in the Emo Age.
'Remember what it was like, back in the Mario Days? We'd play Nintendo, eat pizza, and look at the moon. The Internet was a rumor then, time ran a little bit slower.'

'Yeah man, I miss those days.'
by 80sfann November 10, 2011

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Gender-neutral term for a niece or a nephew. From the Greek adelphis (sibling) and paidi (child).
I actually have a paidelph that is older than me! My nephew Justin is 6 months older than me; he's the baby sibling of my mom who was born to my grandparents when they were teens still.
by 80sfann November 09, 2011

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Someone who loves the 1980s. From the Greek "philos" love and "octo" 8.

Similar terms include sextophile (lover of the 1960s), septophile (lover of the 1970s), and novophile (lover of the 1990s).
"Michelle is such an octophile. I always hear her bumping those Depeche Mode and Cure tracks."
by 80sfann November 09, 2011

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