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first two words when somebody trys to insult you or your mother.
your mama so fat she stepped on a scale and it said why are you givin me your phone number!

by 4shizzle January 05, 2005

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a gay animal with a cold!
You are the biggest snufulubogious ever!
by 4shizzle January 05, 2005

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The act of talking over everyone head about stuff nobody cares about.
Mark: How many seconds are there in a year? If I tell you there are 3.155 x 10^7, you won't even try to remember it. On the other hand, who could forget that, to within half a percent, pi seconds is a nanocentury.
Somebody else: Huh? Who cares.
by 4Shizzle December 10, 2003

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Dr. Pepper
Damn, taco bell rules DEEEEE PEEEE!!!!
by 4shizzle July 31, 2003

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