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The hindering effect that the lack of acting prowess possessed by one Nicholas Cage has on any movie in which Nicholas Cage performs. It is identified by the lack of variation between any of the characters portrayed by this actor leaving all of his characters relatively ambiguous and uninteresting. Also when a character is brought up in common conversation, it is nearly indiscernible which character they are talking about.
"Hey did you go see that new Nicholas Cage movie where he could see the future?"
"Oh yeah, "Next," I didn't really enjoy that one."
"Yeah, me neither, but I was talking about "Knowing.""

An example of the Nicholas Cage Effect would result by watching any Nicholas Cage Movie, and then make a check-list. Does he have long flowing hair? Does he do a lot of epic running? Does he carry a flashlight? Does his face start on fire? Does he see the future? Most of the items listed above are usually true of any Nicholas Cage movie allowing you to see the future that the Nicholas Cage movie you are currently watching is probably going to be a colossal waste of your time.
by 3pj December 12, 2010
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scooge: (skoo-ja) Noun, the material which falls out of the back of a hand-held food source. This word is mostly used to refer to the taco meat which is squeezed out of the back side as one eats the taco from the other direction.

Verb: "scooge" can also be used as a verb to refer to the actual process by which the source of food is excreting said "scooge."
"Man I'm really liking this taco, but there is so much scooge coming out of it!"

"Yea it's scooging everywhere!"
by 3pj February 19, 2011
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(adj.) /rid-i-que-el-ous/ word used to describe an action or situation which is so embarrassing that the one performing said action not only looks ridiculous, but is also a subject for ridicule.
When Jen's pants split it was ridiculelous.
by 3pj May 31, 2011
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the act in which a male gets too excited during fore play and ejaculates before the actual act of sex begins.
-I really like Brian, but his premature fore-gasms are really starting to annoy me. He's like a young teenager.
by 3PJ February 10, 2011
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