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The greatest book made. It is an awesome book about an interview with the Gorillaz. Loads of awesome Gorillaz art is in there too, alot of rare shit too.

300+ Pages of sausy goodness.
Meh: Zomg i gots rise of the ogre yesterday when i came out in america!
miniman: Oh.. yeah.. good for you.. *Acts like he gives a shit*
by 2-D November 8, 2006
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Its what Vegeta's scouter says about Kakorat's power level.
Nappa: Vegeta, whats the scouter say about his power level?
by 2-D June 14, 2007
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An annoying jackass That no one is sure why he still has a talk show on the air. He thinks that he is funnier then hell, but he isnt, so he would blame the audience for his crappy jokes, saying that they are infact good, and they just suck.

Even though the audience sounds like theres laughing, and cheering coming from it, its actually just the fake sound, like what they use on crappy sitcoms, that they record of the good talkshows, like The Tonight Show and Late Night.

He is a bragger, that cannot help to not talk about himself. His jokes are fucking stale like shit.

He trys to use current popular things in culture to try to get ratings, but the only people he gets ratings are from people that fell asleep from the commercial bridge from Conans show to his, and left the tv on.

I hate him, you should hate him too.
Carson Daily loves himself, because no one will love him.
by 2-D November 25, 2006
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Another Way Of Saying Someone Is an Uber Pwner.
Finnerwoo Fucking Pwns.
Sup Finnerwoo.
by 2-D September 21, 2006
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