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A Welsh fictional word meaning "absolutely fantasticly great!"
Wow, that's just ssssoooooo ansbartholedigaethus!
by -x[Gloomy~Kitty]x- October 31, 2004
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1) If something "sucks donkey-shite-anus" then it's really aweful.

2) If you are a "donkey-shite-anus-eater" then you're either a total prick and an idiot, or you rock like hell.
1) "You had to hang 'round with a bunch of chavs? Woah, that sucks donkey-shite-anus!"

2) "Hey, Rebecca? Shut the hell up, you donkey-shite-anus-eater!"
by -x[Gloomy~Kitty]x- October 31, 2004
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A siamese cat. Taken from the last part of the word "Siamese."

Siamese - Mese - Meeze - Meezer
"Aww, that meezer is so cute!"
by -x[Gloomy~Kitty]x- October 31, 2004
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