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when you go hiking in the woods and a tick gets latched onto your ass.
ho there be some gnarly butt-ticks right on me sphincter mate.
by ---kris--- January 02, 2009

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the scrotum and all the surrounding scrotal areas. from the crease of your inner thigh to the back of the gooch and all the way up to the base of the penis.
i have a rash on my scruttix so i should put some ointment on that shit before it spreads.
by ---kris--- January 02, 2009

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when you hold something in your butt.
GUY1- dude how am i going to sneak weed on the plane?

GUY2-just butt-hold it.
by ---kris--- July 10, 2009

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when your nuts get behind your thighs on the butthole side when your legs are closed. kinda of like "the brain" but instead of using your hand your legs are doing the work. very inconvenient when you sit down or someone hits you from behind.
guy1-dude what's wrong?
guy2-i sat down when i had dog-balls on accident.
guy1-Ooo that shit is brutal.
by ---kris--- January 07, 2009

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when someone farts in a school porable when someone farts in a classroom and it wafts everywhere and everyone is freaking out...think of the gas chambers the nazis used but with a fart instead.
teacher-why are you smiling brownbear?

brownbear-you're about to experience the dutch gas chamber.
by ---kris--- January 08, 2009

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