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1.) this is a term that one uses to acknowledge A Job Well Done

2.) a type of Bonus Point--as, most notably, used/issued by the Racing Video Game Series, 'Project Gotham Racing'--that someone can earn for doin' somethin' Prop Worthy

(in reference to Definition #2, these sorts of Kudos are best awarded only during Instant Messenger Conversations or, if not during an IM Session, then, as you are retrospectively writing about Some Event; you'd have to admit, it would be rather strange & inappropriate to give out Kudos right in the middle of a Face-to-Face Conversation that you're having.. ..with another Human Being.)
ex. (1): "from wut I heard ´round Da Block from Da Home|Boyz yesterday, you had skeeted Dat Azz pretty nicely -- my Kudos to You, nikka."

ex. (2): if you an' me were chatting on an Instant Messaging Service, and you were to suddenly bust out some Rhymes on me during that conversation (Rhymes that actually make sense, and do relate to whatever it is We're currently talkin' about).. ..then, i might just have to give you some Kudos Bonus Points for Your Excellent Skillz -- Da Phatter Da Rhyme, Da Biggah Da Bonus.

ex. (2-a): ***Rock|Rock*** (1:25:04 a.m.) "god damn, shawty.. ..that was a pretty sick flow, there; +5,023 Kudos bonus points!"

(or, I might choose to bestow some of Those Points to you if you were to **wow** me in another way.)

ex. (2-b): ***Rock|Rock*** (1:38:37 a.m.): "well, I am most certainly glad to hear that you had donated so much time and money, just last week, in volunteering to help feed The Homeless.. ..so, not only do you got Sick Flowz but you also are a Decent Person, all around. .)_.) +93,771 Kudos bonus points, my man."

now, when you're retrospectively writing about some event you had experienced, or anticipate experiencing, some time in The Future, then, you'd bust out Da Kudos in this way:

ex. (2-c): "all I can say is, when I saw Jet Li kick _three_ people in the'i'* head, all in less than 2 seconds, I damn near fell out my fuckin' chair. that Chinese Niggah gets +3,734 Kudos bonus points from me, for doin' all *dat* bullshit."


ex. (3-a): ***Rock|Rock*** (5:56:21 p.m.): "..what in the blue fucking hell are you talkin' about, muh|fuckah??? are you High, or somethin'?? -46,804 Kudos bonus points! ´da fuck outta here, talkin' dat Dumb Shit to me -- ´fuckin' Coon Ass."

* ("the'i'" is pronounced "they," and is how "their" supposed to be spelled, when you're Slangin' It)
by ***Rock|Rock*** May 15, 2006

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"ana" seems to be short for "animosity".

"ana" seems to mean Beef.

"ana off the chest" seems to refer to a person's trying to stop beefing with other people.
i don't have any cutesy Examples, this time around.

i just remember hearing some rappers talk about getting Ana Off The Chest, apparently as an attempt to better their relations with other Peeps, and what|not.

that is all.
by ***rock|rock*** May 16, 2007

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basically, it's the same thing as a faghawk, only, pro'ly a bit more friendly on the ears and eyes.

a "homohawk".


that is so clever, whoever came up with it.
Person 1: "wow, dude: that is a totally cool homohawk that you're rockin'. i might try that sum|bitch out for my self, some time.

";-) ;-).

"maybe get the attention of some Ladaahz."

Person 2: "Uh.. ..you will certainly get their attention, alright, sweet|cheeks..."
by ***rock|rock*** November 05, 2007

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This is the person who you would meet in Prison, inevitably, if you ever were to screw McDonalds (the Fast Foods-restaurant chain) badly enough to get your self locked-up for your prosecutable crime against Them.

(F.Y.I., Mayor McShiv is most deadly when he teams with his own Partner In Crime, **The Ass|Burglar.**

if you see these two together ... well, you had better run away, as fast as you can, ´less you want to wind up a Bloody, Cummy, Holey, Traumatized Mess.)


actually, "Mayor McShiv" was introduced to The World, for the first time, as a part of the punch|line of one of Conan o'Brien's hilarious Monologue Jokes, on a May 11, 2006 taping of 'Late Night with Conan o'Brien'; whereäs with The Ass|Burglar, it would appear as if _he_ has been around, for millennia -- suffice It to say, The Ass|Burglar definitely is _not_ exclusive to the McDonalds' brand.


anyway, "McShiv" is a play on the word "McCheese," as in 'Mayor McCheese,' who himself was an actual part of The McDonalds' "Family," up until some point-of-time in the 1970s; if you'd like to get some background on this **Mayor McCheese** fella, you get It from Wikipedia.
The Actual Joke in which The World was Introduced to **Mayor McShiv**:

Conan o'Brien -- "This week, true story, a man in Chicago was sent to prison for five years for embezzeling $600,000 from McDonalds. Friends say while in prison he should watch out for Mayor McShiv and the Ass Burglar."

Conan o'Brien's Audience -- "(gasps in horror at the thought of Gay Prison Sex)"
by ***Rock|Rock*** June 02, 2006

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this is how someone Gangsta would write "for real for real."

you can write it out like "for real/for real," "fah'real/fah'real" or "fah-r'il/fah-r'il," "fo` R'il/fo` R'il," etc. ... but, it's important to have that Forward Slash in between the '{real}' and the 'for.'

(my personal preference lay with ``for R'il/for R'il,´´ in case you didn't know That.)

at any rate, you use This Term when you want to make it known, to whoever is listening/reading, that your 'For Realness' Factor is double- or triple-strength.
ex. (a):

Person 1: "for real/for real/for real, i'm pretty hungry, right now.. ..i sure could go for some of that Southern Apple Cinnamon Cobbler....."

Person 2: "for real/for real?"

Person 1: "fah-rillah/fah-rillah, muh|fucka; when yo` mom gonna make some more?"

Person 2: "Lemme go ask her." ............. "She says, 'i'll get right on that when yo` ass goes out to The Sto` an` go buy me som'mo` shit to cook wit`'. .)_.)"

Person 1: ":-). I see that your mom Got Jokes, today -- That's why i love Her."

ex. (b): "for R'il/for R'il, this Cold'n'Flu Season is seriously going to be a Debbie Downer on my Social Life. :-(."
by ***Rock|Rock*** May 18, 2006

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