3 definitions by あなたはクロンダイクバーのために何をするだろう

A boy who is frequently on Instagram , and posts female or metrosexual esq. photos, such as selfies, inspirational quotes, and so on.
"Did you see Richard's post?"

"I know, what a lame ass instagram boi."
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Opposite of carpe diem. Means when you get lazy as fuck, don't believe in yourself, and don't do shit for anyone but yourself. Usually results in going home, eating a Hot Pocket, then master bating and going to sleep
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A racist insult referring to the 19th and 20th century when KKK members lynched innocent black people.
Black guy: Fuck you, white boy!"
White Guy: "Fuck you, you disgusting purple lip stained, drowning ass christmas tree ornament."
Everybody: "Deeem! Roasted!"
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