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It is synonym for timetable, schedule and routine. It includes your plans for certain time. Like what you are going to do on Saturday.
What is Saturday's agenda?
by [Tomppa] February 27, 2007

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Lordi is heavy metal band from Finland. They wear in monster suits. They became very popular after eurovisions win in 2006.
Lordi won eurovisions 2006. I go to buy their album.
by [Tomppa] July 29, 2006

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It is planet on Stargate Atlantis. It is too, homeplanet of Ronon.
Ronon is from Sateda.
by [Tomppa] August 23, 2006

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Short for: a game called America's army Ops
Hey, guys let's play aao.
by [Tomppa] July 22, 2008

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1. Means you go back to where you came from.
2. In army commander or some other hichly ranked officer says around it means thay are seeking something and people need to go different ways to find what they are looking for.
general around
soldiers Yes, sir
by [Tomppa] July 19, 2006

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a short for Darkfall Online.
guy1Have you been playing DFO lately?
guy2Yea I have been playing it like 24/7.
by [Tomppa] April 03, 2011

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It is synonym for laying-off.
I am going to furlough you.
by [Tomppa] February 27, 2007

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