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The abbreviation of the S.E.B project.
Sabotage Environment Bacteria.
Can cause loss of humanity.
In 1666 the S.E.B Project came to an end when they discovered seb knew how to use a door and walked off. The S.E.B Project was supposed to eradicate the german population and then rest when his job was done but he was to clever for modern day science to contain.
by =CC= September 16, 2003

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when one is cock hungry, one lusts for penis in the oral region
mrs hatfield was very cock hungry until mr worms approached and eased his seamen down her deprived oesophigus
by =CC= October 19, 2003

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school caretaker who has a gcse, a-level, and PHD in swearing
groovy brian has bits of beans in his ears
by =CC= April 04, 2004

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The remainders of seamen left behind after ejaculation, can satin many surfaces, crusty yet educationally amusing. also view haj
The cumstain on the cusion was a struggle to remove but a little lick can help removal
by =CC= October 19, 2003

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A person wiv a dick on their head
That Jimmy Bob Ben Bernard sure is a nob ed i wish he was dead, like patrick and fred, wiv a head full of lead
by =CC= September 11, 2003

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U can tell by woodys definition that he/she is a tad camp.
a nob ed is sum1 that was unfortunately born wiv the male genitalier on their head
Arnold Schwartsenegger takes baths

Ravaged Woman Buys Car
by =CC= November 23, 2003

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its a very bad insult in the roughest places of west byfleet, it basically means that u r very friendly and useful
u fukin lil gazebo!!

thoe wop wos such a gazebo so i curbed him
by =CC= December 01, 2003

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