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Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia

In English, "The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia"

A militant Communist group located in Columbia.
Rebels from FARC Suspected in yet another kidnapping and gruesome murder.
by </time> September 14, 2003
To react without thinking. To form an opinion without paying attention.
When he said he was a Republican, the college student's kneejerk reaction was to boo him.
by </time> September 14, 2003
Los Angeles Internation Airport. One of the main airports in LA. Called LAX so it can be fit on the plane arrival/departure screens.
Our flight to Phoenix has an hour delay at LAX.
by </time> September 14, 2003
You went to CMU? Where's that?
by </time> September 14, 2003
An offensive term used to describe Arabic people.
People who call people camel jockies are asshats.
by </time> September 14, 2003
A garmet, that is usually very clean, that is worn by some people because their religion and/or culture requires it. Turbans are made from long strips of cloth (up to 30ft) and wrapped around the head. The method of wrapping can tell an observer a lot about the wearer's background.
Turbans are pretty decent things to wear. Not at all dirty or bad. I should say the people who don't like them are incestuous pricks, or otherwise asshats.
by </time> September 14, 2003
A person whose opinions are based entirely off of their favorite pundit's opinions. Contrary to popular belief this extends to both sides of the party line. Who would have that that Republicans AND Democrats could have kneejerk reactions?
"Bush is not my president"
"Everything is Clinton's fault"
Both are representative of dittohead thought.
by </time> September 14, 2003