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it's literally a number. what do you expect? some kind of meaning? or some kind of wierd love poem unrelated to the number?
lol, 296

keep searching numbers lol, you're almost at 300!
by < ^ > v March 10, 2023
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woah you're super lucky! you've just found a sacred amogus by typing something random in the search bar!


collect more amogusses by typing random stuff in the search bar
by < ^ > v April 15, 2023
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something you type every freaking time you try to type an l
he;;o there my name is ;arry and i ;ike ;igma ba;;s
by < ^ > v March 31, 2023
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when you don't have an idea for an urban dictionary definition, so you break the fourth wall and hope that it's relatable.
by < ^ > v May 24, 2023
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ok, so if you're seeing this then I'm sure you've been searching up every number up until now. Good job I guess. So uh, I think I'm gonna make up some meaning behind 268. so...

1. 268 is the area code for Antigua and Barbuda. this is the only definition I didn't make up.
2. 268 means "I love you" or "I am in love with you". Why, you may ask? I don't have a fucking clue. Like 90% of numbers apparantly mean that so I just put that there.
3. 268 is a s*x position. What kind of s*x position? I DON'T KNOW, YOU FIGURE IT OUT OK!?
4. 26-8 is some kind of police code or something (I made this up). It's kind of annoying when I search up a number and random periods or -'s show up in the middle of the number so fix that please
5. I love you...
You are my love...
I will 268 you

what the fuck does that even mean

I don't know man
by < ^ > v March 9, 2023
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something that youtube subtitles keep saying when a youtuber is actually trying to say "netherite"
and the last block we need to collect before we finish our every block collection is a block of NETHERRIGHT
by < ^ > v March 30, 2023
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something that youtube subtitles keep saying when the video doesn't have any audible words.

note: this was misspelled on purpose so that my definition would get noticed more easily

youtube subtitles:
thank you
by < ^ > v March 30, 2023
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