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A large high school in Naperville, Illinois. Their mascot is the huskies. Like Naperville Central, it is consistently rated one of the top high schools in the state of Illinois. The average ACT score of a Naperville North student is between a 24 and 25, much higher than the national average of 20. A student that does not go to college after North is considered a failure.

It is a common saying that the only think husky about North is their women. This is not true. While there are some girls at the school that are overweight, there are some that are beautiful.

One major flaw about North is the large stoner/nerd population. While there are posters around the school that say 67% of students don't smoke or drink, it is widely known that 67% of students do smoke or drink. On the other hand, many kids are /b/tards. They spend their days quoting memes like rickrolling and mudkipz. They are not funny or original, but they think they are. These kids can be found taking MVC or APUSH or at home on 4chan.

In general, Naperville North is not much different than any high school. The dance code is a bit strict, but the great education and general wealth of the students makes up for all of it. Anyone who hates this school would be unhappy anywhere.
North student A "Ugh I got a 28 on my ACT I'm so stupid!"
North student B "HAHA I got a 32! You're retarded!"

Kid A "The only think husky about North is their women! HAHAHA"
North student "Yeah, I guess that amazingly hot girl is kinda husky isn't she?"
Kid A "Oh shit can I get her number?"

North stoner A "Want to get high tonight?"
North stoner B "Yeah right after we finish drinking this bottle of vodka."

North nerd A "So I herd u liek mudkipz?"
Normal north kid A "Get the fuck away from me."

Naperville North High School, the best high school in Illinois.
by #bangme March 06, 2010
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Less ugly by comparison.
John "WOW! Those chicks are ugly!"
Alex "Yeah, but the one on the left is LUBC. I'd do her if I was drunk."
by #bangme September 12, 2009
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Used by fags who
1) Play RuneScape.
2) Are too lazy to download mIRC or any real IRC client.
3) Need to make more real life friends.

It is also sometimes known as SK.
1) z0mg i needz 2 play teh runescapes!
2) w0w dis eye are see client is teh crap but idk wher 2 find a dif 1
3)"Hey Joe want to come over?" "No I'm too busy playing RuneScape with SwiftKit"
by #bangme April 01, 2009
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