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Another word for urinate. Named after Zurn urinals and plumbing fixtures. As opposed to its more vulgar counterparts, 'zurn' is fun to say and has a good ring to it.
Dude, I'll be right back. I've gotta zurn.
by betnek July 17, 2009
a ZURN is a combination of a zing and a burn, thus, ZURN was created
You just instuled someone and you're quite proud, it was witty, so you say "zurn!"
by Allie B November 29, 2004
A zipper burn. As in when you get an erection and you get brush burn on your unit.
Your mom totally gave me a zurn!
by Maime Joyer February 27, 2011
Another phrase used for stating that you 'Don't care'. Often used with the phrase don't care. Origanally obtained from the song 'Hey lil mama remix' by lil wayne.
When we told kayla she looked like shit, she simply stated "ZURN, don't careeee."
by s moola & CDUBz April 12, 2009
The combination of Burn and Zing. Used after witty insults
Nick: Hey
Scott: You suck Cock! ZURN
Nick: Who told you!
by Ice Man 480 April 25, 2007