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n. and adj. a crass right-winger who propagates conservative ideals instilled in him/her by the GOP.
My girlfriend's republifuck parents want me to join the army instead of the peace corps. Stupid republifucks!
by eccecattus November 28, 2006
acronym, "Crappy Variety Store"; a pharmacy chain that stocks health and beauty supplies, snack foods, holiday kitsch, photo accessories and convenience items that are all of poor ("crappy") quality.
My new winter hat already has a hole in it.
-Where'd you get it?
-Well, what did you expect?
by eccecattus December 12, 2006
n. sing. the performative act of establishing one's emo identity through music, poetry, or online journaling before a real or virtual audience; a public exhibition of melancholy. compound of emo(tive) and (com)munication. see emunicate.
I had to cancel my myspace account because I couldn't handle all the emunication anymore.
by eccecattus November 28, 2006
p.p. dampened by water that sprays out of a flushing toilet. named for a maker of automatic-flush toilets that tend to flush while a person is still sitting on them.

Hey Matilda, are the bathrooms here clean?

Yeah, but I got zurned!
by eccecattus January 26, 2007
adj. penguin-like; used especially to describe a tuxedo-wearing man in a group of other formally-attired men.
Awww, the Vienna Boys' Choir boys are positively penguine!

by eccecattus December 09, 2006
n. inexpensive, poor-quality Australian white wine.
-Have you tried Yellow Tail chardonnay?
-Blehh, I can't drink that kangaroo piss!
by eccecattus December 09, 2006
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