Like's giant cock in his ass hole. He licks hairy men's grundles and always stabs people in the back. He has no real friends, and no one can wait until he is out of their lives. He comes along and then people can't wait for him to leave.
That guy is such a Zack
by Ilikestraightsex October 04, 2011
a morbid pit of insanity. Zack is also an enormous fan of beastiality...especially with turkeys....
Who's that over there?
That's my cousin, Zack.
Zack ruined thanksgiving with his beastiality.
by POB with zack monster January 23, 2009
My gay sexual partner who is the most handsome, sexiest bear alive. he has the cutest tush a man could ever ask for and I love him. I call him "Big Papa pump".
Zack come over so I can give you a pounding... in your tight ass.
by HEY POPPY February 07, 2010

1. -noun,verb
The periodic re-occurrence of unintelligent, snide remarks from a bodiless voice.

ex) Am I going crazy, or is there a ZDN in here?

ex)Stop ZDNing us!

2. -verb
To say a word or phrase repeatedly, until it does not sound like a word/phrase any longer, just a jumble of syllables.

3. -verb
To come into being.
Synonyms: arise, commence, originate, start, begin
(See also, Newbegin)

4. Sexiest bassist to ever exist.
Oh, I'm gonna Zack, back up a little ways.
a name for a douchebag
New Guy: hi my name is zack

Other Guy: not another douchebag
by nerdy342515354 September 20, 2009
a piece of poo, playing halo geek, lazy, un-caring, un-healthy, un-employed heartless DWEEB.
Zack is such a homeless halo playing dweeb
by urbanodic April 27, 2009
Typical Douchebag, wears Oakleys to school when its cloudy and hes is inside all day, Drives a Honda Element, and thinks whenever anyone trys to pass him that they're automatically racing and its gunna be rad as fuck! listens to Hinder and Papa Roach etc
We should go fuck some girls and drink mountain dew," Bro your starting to sound like a Zack"
by Scroto Saggums January 31, 2009

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