A gay man who digs rock guys and likes strawberries.
Damn dawg, i'm straight go eat some strawberries and hit on a zack biotch!
by jamal j. November 29, 2006
1. cock loving faggot
2. pysco path that wants to kill every walking soul
3. cock sucker who doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut
4. bitch who has no friends
Zack Bascio is a cocksucking pysco path
by Craig Soriano26 November 30, 2008
1 Retard, Mumbler; One who mumbles and speaks softly so that no one can understand a word said. See Gay. Also see Scanner. 2 One who enjoys making a fool of himself, esp in front of many others and beautiful girls. See Chess. 3 One who thinks he is tougher than others and often makes "witty" comebacks that don't make any sense. See Queer. 4 One who often runs away, esp when upset or angry. See Childish.
Zack's Common vocabulary:
"soiewejfd lksnflskjuoiruewkfdkdjfdkjs....okay?"
"dflkjf sflkjdfoiekfd dfo;siulkfjd dfiuef!!!! Canyoubelievethat??"
"Just be happy you're still breathing."
"He said that?..Well...you tell him........... ......................... yeah....tell him....well, i dont know.....just think of something good okay?"

by ilove2mumble October 25, 2006
A boy who thinks they know everything and will never have sex.
"Dude, he needs to stop trying, he's being a Zack!!!"
by macho3388 September 17, 2008
A big hairy ball sack.
That guy just got tagged in his ZACK.
by itdoesnteffingmatter November 05, 2007
to be a short pervert with suicidal tendancies whose face is one huge zit. can also be nerd.
"damn! that kid is annoying!"
"no man, that kid is ZACK!"
by goblinoffury May 17, 2008
A fat stupid guy in my 6th period who is hekka fat and hekka stupid
dude he's so FAT! he is such a ZACK
by usuckatsingingshutup May 02, 2008

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