a person who is incredibly hot and ADORABLE. Has good taste in music and is incredibly athletic.

But watch out for these zacks because they will break your heart in a split second. beware.
girl1: Man, my boyfriend dumped me. it was so harsh.

girl2: on a scale of 1 to zack, how harsh was it?
by c2u5t5i3e November 22, 2011
An argumentative prick who always thinks he's right even when he's wrong. Does not hold the record for most deliveries at Wings Over Happy Valley. Incapable of performing that thing on the bar that alpha males and alex can. Also believes his stock ass car is better than a mazda 3. yeah right! that thing took 124 deliveries in one day.
Stop being a zack, texas roadhouse sucks.
by 154Abermuir November 04, 2014
The ugliest muthafucker you've ever seen you will cry when you see him. He has a micro small dick and it can't even get hard and the cockiest person ever
Man that guy is a zack
by Hhfffgihvgthh May 18, 2016
Zack ruins marriages with his small dick. Can be frequently be found in the company of multiple "Jennys'" and "Carlys'".
Jenny was the only person successful in being able to locate Zack's extremely tiny dick. To celebrate the pair met up for kisses.
by mynameisnotgrenda January 21, 2015
a stuck up guy who thinks he can do every girl in town. He thinks he is above the world and can get every girl he wants. Usually girls fall for him because he makes them feel special and like they are the only girl the world. stay away.
girl 2- OMGOMG MEE TOO! you first
girl 1- i fucked zack last night ! ahhh !
girl 2- so did i.......
by yolo my ass April 09, 2012
A guy that is a great person, he's helpful to everyone, and he's a shoulder to cry on. He can be very mean on occasion but over all a great guy. Zack has an amazing body that all the girls drool over. His great body makes up for his small penis.
Zack is a great guy.
by hi my name is pse March 05, 2015
Zack is a guy with brown quiffed hair, and bluish eyes. he is the size of a giant with a small willy. he has a floppy belly and is shit in bed
"OMFG zack is so shit in bed"

"yeah i know!"
by Zacks amazing girl- friend August 24, 2013
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