Man Choking chicken at the moment.
You're reading this while Zack is choking his chicken for dinner.
by Midnight chicken strangler August 09, 2010
A big boy who laughs at his own lame jokes, sucks at guitar hero, is a stuck up drama queen, immature with commitment problems and has love deprivation issues. Hates glee but like The Secret Life of an American teenager like a queer. Burps in his girlfriends face and doesn't apologize and eats like a hungry hungry hippo. His elbows are as dry and cracked as a baboon's butt. His feet resemble big foot's; repulsive and full of fungi. He's all around a two faced douche smelling jerk!
Stop being a Zack or I'll dump you!
by krjbfewfb June 30, 2011
zack k. is a term for someone who has a very small penis similar to a chode. Zack usually sits in his room crying because he is going to die alone.
oh shit its zack, run, hes not even cool.
by wADe254 February 07, 2011
A gross boy who never showers.
Girl 1: I hear you slept with Zack last night?

Girl 2: Eww I bet you are disgusting now.

Girl 3: No all the alcohol we consumed nullified his grossness
by #imalwaysright November 01, 2011
Someone who has a false story backing up any stupid mistake they say.
Bill: "I want to buy a castle in California"
Joe: "There are no castles in California"
Bill: "Well you see, in China they call mansions castles and it stuck in american culture."
Joe: "Yeah, whatever Zack."
by Dantevus Nightstrike February 07, 2009
a man whore. hes a mad artist who plays girls like a playlist. listens to one then moves to the next. he is the most dis honest person you will ever meet. and is full of himelf. dont trust him.
hey you know that guy zack?
he told this girl he wanted to bangg her when he was with some other chick. and then when the chick asked if he was fucking some other slut he denied it all. pretty pathetic.
by one badass chick. March 21, 2009
Like's giant cock in his ass hole. He licks hairy men's grundles and always stabs people in the back. He has no real friends, and no one can wait until he is out of their lives. He comes along and then people can't wait for him to leave.
That guy is such a Zack
by Ilikestraightsex October 04, 2011

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