a guy with this name has a kick ass body and is good at sports. he looks like a holister model and wears disigners clothes. they seem like the kind of guy any girl wants to date. they lead girls on and have different varities of girlfriends in different cliques. hes almost like a john tucker.
did you see that new kid zack today?! he was smackin lips with that girl savannah when he was dating someone else!
by shannon365 September 06, 2008
A wonderful boyfriend who means the world to me and that will never change. He is everything i could ask for and everything i ever need. he has my heart. Amazing, wonderful, sexy ;], drop dead gorgeous, and everything else that is amazing.
hes mine, and only mine.
try to touch him and i will kill you:]
he is my life.

I love you baby.
he is my Zack, back off.
by ithappens. February 16, 2009
The most amazing boy that has ever walked the face of the planet. He is the love of my life and always will be. I never want to be with anyone but him. He's my baby boy and that won't ever change. I absolutely love him to death. <333
"Zack makes me oblivious to all other boys."
by maraa bby. :] November 04, 2008
It's my first name, and all of us think we're an idiot, which everyone disagrees with. Some are skaters, some are preps, and losers. People say we're "hawt" and adorable while we honestly do not care if you say it or not, and we usually get friend-zoned by every single girl we like, and then all the others like us, which we hate. Really though, don't mess with us Zack's.
"I'm going to create my own definition of my name on Urbandictionary.com, said no Zack ever."
by I'mABigSloth May 06, 2013
-a guy thats pretty cool for the most part...when he's not being an a-hole haha!]. very hilarious but dork at the same time. SUCKS at call of duty and guitar hero...
-he sometimes talks to himself.
-makes others jealous with his mad piano skills and likes to show off
-moms love him and think of him as definite "marriage material"
-likes to quote things from spongebob, salad fingers, family guy, etc.
-teases you about embarrassing things that you have done in the past and always brings it up at the worst possible time!
person 1: "OMG! have you ever heard zack play the piano?"
person 2: "no...why? is he any good?"
person 1: "yeah! hes freakin amazing! he makes me so jealous... and i thought I was good at piano..."

girl 1: "hey____, remember when zack met your mom that one time?"
girl 2: "yeah haha! i can't believe she liked him so much."
girl 1: "yeah i know. she usually doesn't like ANY of the guys you bring home."
girl 2: "yeah. now my mom always asks me to invite him over all the time. she even told me he was marriage material!"
by kellie gonzalez December 07, 2008
An amazing friend. He loves girls for who they are and they mostly are very sweet. they love o eat (like all guys) but they never get fat. THey play QB in football and are super strong. MY zack is sensitive and loving. he has dirty blond hair and has been my best friend ever since preschool. I love him, but he will never be mine because he's too good for me... he doesnt think that but he is. </3 He is the most perfect guy a girl will ever meet.
I love Zack because he dont care wut others think of him. He is my best friend.
by Moo Li March 05, 2010
the most amazing guy in the world. he always makes people happy and everyone loves him. hes caring and sweet. zack is the most gorgeous guy you'll ever meet. ilovehim.
did you hear about zack?

yeahh, hes amazing.
by (: you'll never guess. December 28, 2009
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