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adj. unuasual interest/fascination of death and unpleasent things..
i drew a real morbid drawing yesterday...
by jimi August 17, 2004
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sick, disturbing.
Violence, blood, death and the like.
Happy Tree Friends is very morbid
by Oldie April 04, 2005
Reality. Not sugar coated.
Life's a bitch. That's a fact.
by ~The Nameless One~ May 18, 2005
an unwholesome tendency to dwell on gruesome or gloomy matters
Read the account of the murder with a morbid intrest.
by Supa Star September 05, 2006
gruesome, discusting, gross
your moms face is more morbid then the anna nicole show!
by ryan September 16, 2003
The first metal band that Per Yngve Ohlin (aka "Dead") was in before joining Mayhem.
Morbid fucking rule, and December Moon is one of the best black metal demos out there. Too bad Dead committed suicide.
by Deathexecution May 14, 2010
What the cool kids say now. Used if something is utterly amazing. Instead of "sick" or "ill", because those make you sound like a douche.
-"Dude that's ill."
-"Dude you're such a loser. That's MORBID. Douche."
by TheMorbidKid July 05, 2010

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