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A person with the name Zack







(P.S. If your name is Zach, zack, zac, or zak, You are the best person ever!)
Zack McChesney went for a run.

Zach Rydell is Cool
by Still Bill May 21, 2014
Zacks are generally kind and generous, always putting others' happiness ahead of theirs. With their quick wit, they always make you laugh at the right time when you're feeling down. They're incredibly intelligent, a little too obsessed with science and technology, and huge stoners. Getting high with a Zack is a great time. You can talk to a Zack for hours and never get bored. You can trust him with your life, your soul, and your secrets; tell him anything. Zacks are very coolheaded, rarely getting angry.

Zacks are incredibly adorable, and make great cuddlers. They're loyal til the end. Their kisses will make you week; you'll miss them like crazy when they're gone. Zacks are very easy to love. <3
"I have a Zack all to myself."
"Lucky!! I want a Zack!!!"
by chickennoodlesoup1 December 08, 2013
a stuck up guy who thinks he can do every girl in town. He thinks he is above the world and can get every girl he wants. Usually girls fall for him because he makes them feel special and like they are the only girl the world. stay away.
girl 2- OMGOMG MEE TOO! you first
girl 1- i fucked zack last night ! ahhh !
girl 2- so did i.......
by yolo my ass April 09, 2012
a person who is incredibly hot and ADORABLE. Has good taste in music and is incredibly athletic.

But watch out for these zacks because they will break your heart in a split second. beware.
girl1: Man, my boyfriend dumped me. it was so harsh.

girl2: on a scale of 1 to zack, how harsh was it?
by c2u5t5i3e November 22, 2011
zack is a guy who can make any girl fall for him within a single look. He has the height, the body, the hair, the eyes, and the ass of an amazing hockey player... dont be fooled, hockey players can move their hips. Besides all the postives, here comes the ugly truth... he will say anything to get you in bed, and as much as you'd want too.. dont! he'll screw you over, and never talk to you again
last night i met a zack and it was amazing, but now i wish id never met him!
by beenthere,dontthat December 30, 2010
Zack is a guy with brown quiffed hair, and bluish eyes. he is the size of a giant with a small willy. he has a floppy belly and is shit in bed
"OMFG zack is so shit in bed"

"yeah i know!"
by Zacks amazing girl- friend August 24, 2013
The most amazing boyfriend ever. ♥ He's tall, with longish-dark flippy hair and dark brown almost black eyes, and a adorable baby face. He's also extremely sweet and can easily make you laugh. He's usually calm, and likes to make weird faces at you. Also he plays the guitar and likes wearing purple skinny jeans. (x

To sum it all up; he's amazingly perfect. ♥
Dear Zack,
I love you.
-Emily. ♥
by WTF1x1x1x1 September 13, 2011