1. cock loving faggot
2. pysco path that wants to kill every walking soul
3. cock sucker who doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut
4. bitch who has no friends
Zack Bascio is a cocksucking pysco path
by Craig Soriano26 November 30, 2008
a name for a douchebag
New Guy: hi my name is zack

Other Guy: not another douchebag
by nerdy342515354 September 20, 2009
a piece of poo, playing halo geek, lazy, un-caring, un-healthy, un-employed heartless DWEEB.
Zack is such a homeless halo playing dweeb
by urbanodic April 27, 2009
Typical Douchebag, wears Oakleys to school when its cloudy and hes is inside all day, Drives a Honda Element, and thinks whenever anyone trys to pass him that they're automatically racing and its gunna be rad as fuck! listens to Hinder and Papa Roach etc
We should go fuck some girls and drink mountain dew," Bro your starting to sound like a Zack"
by Scroto Saggums January 31, 2009
an extremely horny boy that has a voice of a girl, he goes under covers with girls and does jack shit
Zack did nothing with his girlfriend
by billy banjo101 November 06, 2008
loser with one tiny facial piercing who thinks he has a big dick but actually has a tiny pussy

hes not hot and hes pale and scrawny like a girl
zack is not hot NOT HOT
by shawna764 July 14, 2009
A scrawny boy that likes to give it in the brown
Look out or zack will get you in the ass. t
whoops zack slipped it in brown again
by jayjayjayjayjayjayjayjayjay January 10, 2009
a hoxy guy who has cute stubbles and has a lil bro who likes the girls that stock Zack... (aka: Cody)
The guy who you would picture as your dream date.
Has brownish blond hair with little spikes occasionaly at the end.
Plays football and is #82
He is 6'3" and 180lbs
The hoxiest thing about him is his AMAZING smell and his lil gap between his teeth. he is TRUELY the one for you!!!! (but he is taken)
Zack is so hoxy! I love him witha all of my heart!!
by Jordan Pinkerton February 26, 2008

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