A rare occurrence as to where one yawns and then burps afterward.
Dude #1: whoa, did that dude just yurp?
by mattrickk December 11, 2009
When you yawn and it's followed by an immediate burp
My boyfriend loves the smell of my yurps.
by ifyouaddthisillblowyou January 14, 2012
term of acknowledgement meant to be said multiple times in a row.
"this food establishment is pretty good/bad"

response: "yurp yurp yurp"
by jereko January 24, 2011
To answer a question in the form of saying "yes" or to say what's up. Commonly used in the city of Norcross, GA by the African-American culture.
YO! Tonya! You get the herbs?
by RoscoesAmberAle January 19, 2011
Derived from combining the words, "Yak" and "Burp". One who "yurps" is typically one who physically cannot burp. Yurps usually occur after consuming copious amounts of brew. Most often, the "yurper" will release the yurp above a sink, toilet, or garbage to be safe. Yurps naturally sound like a cross between a harsh belch and a dog coughing up last night's dinner scraps.
"Dude, I think he's yakin' in your bathroom"
"Nah guys relax, he's just lettin' go some yurps."
"Awhh, good for him."
by CB12345 March 19, 2010
A word used by dumbass fakes who think they're all raw and hard but are actually just pathetic. It is a very annoying word when used frequently. Its origin is unknown at this time, but wherever it came from, you can bet some dumbass pot-smoking lazy ingoranus made it up.
Me: So are you going to go to the movies with us tonight?

My sister: Yurp.

Me: Fuck you.
by grizzly01112 November 27, 2009
something that black people say to a white person who walks through a black neighborhood
As he was walking to Howard University, Mike was greeted by "Yurp" block after block.
by bigpimpin525 September 08, 2008

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