When a yawn initiates a burp, and they occur simultaneously.

9:49am Eastern Time
USA, New York
Mr. Surace's Physics class
Olivia Raynard
Olivia let out a loud yurp in physics class.
by T Chiff November 03, 2014
shortening from the word yurple..purple weed,treez,grapes,urkle,barney,soul plane a bay area term..
aye man who got that yurp?
by leo smith April 12, 2006
To yawn and burp at the same time.
"What I thought was going to be a normal yawn ended up being an embarrassing yurp when I accidentally burped in the middle of it."
by ENGL1020 September 03, 2013
It's what someone says when they're agreeing to something but is hyped about it.
"Yo, Ronnie, you hittin the club tonight?"
- YURP! I heard madd bitches were gonna be there.
by CharonTheGreat June 12, 2013
That awkward burp when you yawn causing the people around you to stare at you and think you're gross.
Guy 1:Yo man that bitch just burped!
Guy 2: Give her a break! It was simply a yurp!
by qzwxecrvtbynumi,o.p/ October 11, 2011
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