When yes is followed by a period, it is a sarcastic way of answering a stupid question and/or a way to answer a question you don't want to give an answer to.
You: hey you want to hang out?
Friend: sure where do you want to meet?
You: how about IHOP?
Friend: hey where are we hanging out?
You: yes.

Person: hey who are you going to vote for in the next election
You: yes.
by Dreadkid08 September 10, 2014
Used to enthusiastically affirm that something someone said or did is/was correct.

Can be used indirectly or directly. Must always be yelled.

If used directly, must be yelled close to the person you are affirming.

See 'Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!: Tairy Greene's Acting Seminar for Children' for recommended method of use.
Friend: "Hey, did I leave my sweater at your place last night?"
Me: after getting uncomfortably close to him/her, scream "YES!" for an extended period of time. Like, "YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!"
by ChunkyDiarrhea September 22, 2012
an exam which is held by TKV(Turkish Culture Association). it stands for Youth Exchange Study. students sit 3 level exam. first is multiple choice character test , second is speaking exam , third is listening and everyday english exam
by sahteviagra December 03, 2010
The acceptance of an object or an invitation.
Say yes to food.
by --a0a-- February 25, 2003
The best song you're ever!

Ask Mars, she knows.
Mars: If I could marry a song I'd marry Yes.
by InTheSkyWithDiamondsAndAll October 07, 2011
A word used facetiously when something bad happens. Utilized with a negative connotation.
When I received a 13 on my history test, I screamed YES!!!
by Dman930 February 20, 2009
A reply that is meant to be positive, except when used in a sarcastic manner.
"May I eat you my fine sir?" asked Pinky.
"Yes you may, kindly gent!" replied Pacman.
by TV Vision April 24, 2005
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