guys (or girls) who are on your "hot" list whom you wouldn't mind asking you out-- the opposite of "NO" : guys who you would NOT go out with EVER----*ALL ON SHALLOW LEVEL WHO YOU DO NOT TAKE SERIOUSLY*
HE'S my YES. That ugly guy is my NO.
by yoplait February 19, 2005
the sound i made last night when i waked my penis till it bled
i heard david yell yes last night. well that is because he had sex w/ a monkey and it hurt
by stephan ratner March 10, 2005
a whole female convesation
jenny: yes
jordan: mmm yes
keork: yup
dig: yes
left boob: YEAS
right boob: yes
by Jonny March 17, 2004
1. I concure, also see: Fo shizzle ma nizzle
2. When one accomplishes a task may be used as a cheer
1. So you wanna ride the white pony? Yes
2. Yo biznatch my 12 inch black stalion is much better. Oh YES YES YES!!!
by Elias March 15, 2004
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