affirmative expression

yaya, yeah, ya, yee, yep, yup, mhmm, word, true-true, yea
Yes, Mr. Officer, I did slap that bitch-ass, she was actin' a foo'.
by yermombiatch February 13, 2005
alternative word for "piss"

comes from the french word for yes, "Oui" which sounds like "wee" which can translate to "pee/piss."
hold on, i gotta take a wicked yes.
by lsmills October 20, 2010
The best song ever!
Ask Mars, she knows.
Mars: If I could marry a song, I'd marry Yes.
by InTheSkyWithDiamondsAndAll October 07, 2011
A confirmation used only by the thugest o' thugs.
"Would you like some crack?"
by Pajewjew May 15, 2005
The answer to all questions . It will never let you down . Its always right
"Hey man whats your favorite color?"

by YouKnowwwwww(: March 13, 2010
to go pee (urninate)

originally from Family Guy (best show ever)
Peter wants to learn how to act rich so Lois's dad will like him so he takes French lessons...

French instructor- if you want to say yes you say wee-wee

Peter- oh my god is no doo-doo! haha be right back im gonna go take a wicked yes
ill be back soon i gotta go take a wicked yes
by kevin021391 June 15, 2004
When yes is followed by a period, it is a sarcastic way of answering a stupid question and/or a way to answer a question you don't want to give an answer to.
You: hey you want to hang out?
Friend: sure where do you want to meet?
You: how about IHOP?
Friend: hey where are we hanging out?
You: yes.

Person: hey who are you going to vote for in the next election
You: yes.
by Dreadkid08 September 10, 2014

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